An Evening Stroll through Historic Rome

One of the things that surprised Roberto and I on our recent trip to Rome was how walkable the city is. The only transportation we took throughout our trip there was taxiing to and from the airport. Everywhere else we just walked, and we often found ourselves wandering Rome’s narrow, cobbled streets at night. The weather was clear and mild, perfect for strolling.

Our apartment was in a great location near the Pantheon and just a block or so from the Piazza Navonna, and we spent several evenings wandering around this historic and beautiful neighborhood. Each street was lined with typical Italian buildings and we found beautiful surprises around every corner.

The plazas and squares were beautifully lit and we were constantly hearing running water as we discovered fountains large and small at nearly every turn. The water was cool and fresh; I never went thirsty in Rome.

We wandered and soon found ourselves in a busy piazza. Looking past the beautiful lit up fountain we realized we were standing in front of the famous Pantheon.

We shared a bottle of Prosecco in this very plaza one evening, just marveling at the beautiful old church.

Of course we had to wander inside. We were so impressed by how well-preserved this ancient building is – considering it was constructed in the year 609! The “hole” in the top of the rotunda let in the night sky and standing under it was an almost eerie experience.

Later we made our way over to the Tiber River. It was so romantic to stroll along the banks, night birds singing in the trees above with the lights of the Eternal City reflecting in the calm water.

A final stop not-to-be-missed was the Trevi fountain at night. The area is surrounded by shops and restaurants (though we preferred the somewhat less touristy ones nearer to our apartment) and there are always crowds. I’d say the Piazza Trevi at night is one of the best people watching spots I’ve ever been!

After taking in the sights and sounds of the massive fountain, we made our way to the edge. Taking coins in hand and facing away from the fountain, we each tossed in our change over our shoulder for luck. Our wish was granted just a few short days later.

Rome is beautiful any time of the day, but for us, the magic of the Eternal City truly came out at night.

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